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Mortgage Strategy - Cover story: Service mark

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The summer months are often a quieter time for the mortgage market but have lenders been taking things a bit too easy this year? The past quarter has seen the undoing of a number of lenders whose service appears to have fizzled out.

Halifax has managed to improve its rates while maintaining overall service levels. However, Trinity Financial product and communications manager Aaron Strutt says that the lender’s service has taken a knock recently “Our brokers like the way they can speak directly to an underwriter but the  service has been slower than normal.” 

Mr Strutt notes the lender (Santander) is trying to offer more £1m-plus mortgages and it has a specialist large-loan team that is keen to help. “Its rates were cheaper than Woolwich’s for a short period and the arrangement fees were more competitively priced,” he says.

“Woolwich’s rates are competitively priced and it’s great news that it is offering five times salary mortgages again. Its interest-only policy has also been improved to attract more borrowers and provide the other lenders with a bit more competition.”

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